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Meet the moms, dads, dog lovers, strategists, artists, hikers, writers, and brilliant human beings that make up our world class team.

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  • Nate holds down the fort in our Cleveland office. A natural leader, a magnetic personality, a talented musician, and an unparalleled tiramisu connoisseur, Nate runs Forrest alongside his Co-Founder, Brandon. When he’s not working, you can find Nate tinkering with a song or spending quality time with his amazing wife Abby and his super cute son Julian.

  • ​​Brandon is an incredible designer turned Forrest Co-Founder, whose list of prior clients includes dozens of bestselling authors and successful companies. He also prides himself on being able to beat older men in basketball at the YMCA. Aside from that, Brandon loves hanging with his wife and three kids in Nashville, TN, and holds down the fort for our Nashville office.




  • Scott has been all over the world. That’s one thing that makes him such a great strategist. Scott comes up with amazing campaign ideas and helps us execute them. In his words, “Scott is the life of the party. His smile lights up a room and his dance moves move mountains.” (His humility is what really draws people in.) Get to know Scott, and you will never be the same.


  • Every team needs a “glue” person to make sure people work well together, and Sara is our glue. She’s a master of relationships—beloved by everyone from our team, to our clients, to their clients. It’s not a competition, but if it was, Sara would win. She lives in Chi-town with her amazing husband Dave and their two kiddos. Some say she’s a hipster, but she strongly disagrees.


  • Some call him a maven. Others call him a mogul. We simply call him, “Drew.” When Forrest needs a human-centered design that not only looks great, but also gets high-powered results, we turn to Drew—and he always delivers. Drew hates Tuesdays and is strangely good at golf and monopoly. He lives in Ohio, where he churns out stellar graphics 5 days a week.


  • In a world where drafts and words and designs are flying in every direction, Dylann catches all of them, organizes them, and then tells us what needs to happen and when. We are quite certain we would drown without her. Dylann is a lover of brunch as well as sipping coffee out of aesthetic mugs, and she especially loves to do both at the same time with her husband and her cat Ziggy.


  • Amy was already headed for the Design Hall of Fame, but we talked her out of retirement to come to make amazing stuff for our clients. Easily in the running for “Wittiest” in the Forrest High School Superlatives, Amy can design her way out of a paper bag with ease. Her superpower is finding your old wedding website. Amy lives in Ohio with her husband Andy and her 2 girls.


  • Zach has one of the most diverse skill sets on the team, which is why he has become a lynchpin here at Forrest. He makes sure our marketing works, and works well. Sporting by far the coolest tattoos on our team, Zach is what every man hopes to be. His long flowing hair gives him a Fabio-like appearance — except he also has the brains to back it up. He hates that his bio says this, by the way.


  • When Carlin sees things like conversion rate stats and CRM contacts, her eyes light up. Her superpower is keeping our marketing efforts on track and going the right direction. (Her secondary superpower is wine — she hopes to one day moonlight as a Sommelier.) We depend on her for analytics, monitoring, ads, and so much more. You’ll typically find Carlin driving around Texas on her moped.


  • Jordan eats, sleeps, and breathes great copy. Her job is to ensure that every word we put out is empathetic and powerful, and she accomplishes it spectacularly. (Except this bio of course, which we gave her no input into.) A seasoned journalist, Jordan’s chased down all sorts of wild and interesting people for the right story. You can bet she’ll go to great lengths to give your copy the same dedication.


  • Why is Landon so swagged out all the time? Great question. He knows what looks good and what doesn’t. That’s probably why he’s such a great designer. Landon crushes all things design and is an important part of our team for the expertise he brings, but more importantly for the smile and the fun that he adds along the way. In his free time you can find Landon hanging with his wife, playing with his kids, or keeping his collection of plants alive and thriving.


  • Sarah has a heart for storytelling and helping others, and she uses that passion to create powerful content for our clients. She is an author, blogger, and music lover living in Nashville, TN. When she's not writing, you can find Sarah cozied up at a coffee shop or taking an "urban hike" around her city.


  • Joshua is not only our first official director of Forrest brand and marketing, he is also our first official Californian! Joshua and his wife currently reside in the beautiful land of Redding, CA. Joshua is a creative genius in every sense of the word. Whether it’s marketing, branding, content creation, or even music, he simply does it all. When he’s not helping Forrest amplify their brand message to the world you can find him spending time being active, investing in his community, checking out the latest men's fashion trends, or OBSESSING over anything related to the University of Arkansas athletics.


  • Maria is that friend you immediately beeline to when you see her at a party. As our Senior Writer & Editor, she helps create powerful copy that moves readers to action and inspires our team and clients to constantly raise the bar on content. When she’s not writing you can find Maria doing yoga, trying out a new soup recipe, or entertaining rockstars at her home in Ohio alongside her husband.


  • Seriously! Come and join our team. Check out our careers page and see if the thing you rock at is something we’re hiring for. Don’t see it? Reach out. Sell us on YOU! How can you help us help B2B tech leaders amplify their message and elevate their brands? Tell us! We’d love to meet you.

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